Your independence from job boards and headhunters is our goal.

We are talentsconnect. We connect talents and companies through technology.

We have been developing software solutions for personnel marketing and HR departments for over ten years. In the process, we have realized how many companies today depend on digital job boards and headhunters. Every year, companies pay more money to intermediaries to advertise their jobs online and market them to their target audience. Often with mediocre results. Especially for smaller companies.

This cannot continue. It's time to tear down the technological hurdles that make it difficult for companies to address talent directly and win them over online. Thousands of successful online shops prove it: On the Internet, even smaller companies can successfully address their target group and convince them of their offerings. Why shouldn't this also work for job offers?

That's why we have focused all our efforts on a product that enables large and small companies to optimally offer jobs online and to market them directly. Quite simple, just like an online store.

We call our product the JobShop.
Our customers call it Independence.

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Our Growth Board

CEO & Board of Directors


Chapter Lead Customer Success & Happiness


Tribe Lead Product
Tribe Lead Recruiting Intelligence
Squad Lead Enterprise
CPO & Executive Board
Co-Founder & Director Business Development
Managing Director Analytics
Co-Founder & Director Academy
Director Finance


Squad Lead Partner Sales

The talentsconnect Supervisory Board

Christoph Bornschein
President at Omnicom I Chairman TLGG Group I Investor

I see my role in driving TC forward clearly as a challenger and sparring partner of the founders and the team with a clear focus on providing my network and pestering them with critical questions ;)

Miriam Wohlfarth
Series Founder I CEO Banxware I Author

I support the team in the discourse by providing new food for thought. Through my long time in business I have gathered a lot of expertise. So the common exchange helps to lift the company to the next level.

Julius Göllner
Serial Entrepreneur I Early Stage Investor I Sales Expert

Through my own extensive entrepreneurial experience, I can advise and support the management team on all issues related to growth, especially in the go-to-market space. In addition, having built the leading SaaS ecosystem in the German-speaking region, I bring both community building experience and an extensive network of growth investors and other SaaS experts to the further development of TC.

Anja Hendel
Managing Director diconium
Tim Mois
Business owner Sipgate